What Recruiters Look For In A Candidate

What Recruiters Look For In A Candidate| Features That Interest A Recruiter In A Job Seeker| Preparing A Good CV/Resume |Interview Hints

What Recruiters Look For In A Candidate – Often times, job seekers are confronted by several questions such as: What do recruiters want? How to prepare an exceptional resume? What are the most sought after skills by recruiters? And so on, in the quest for landing a good job. The bitter truth is that landing ones dream job could be a hard nut to crack but as hard as it may sound, there exist approximate guides to achieving it. Having been tested over the years and from the feedbacks obtained from recruiters, those features in high demand by recruiters are judiciously highlighted in this article.

What Recruiters Want| Preparing an Appealing CV| Interview Tips

What Recruiters Look For In A Candidate
What Recruiters Look For In A Candidate

Firstly, the curriculum vitae {CV} sends the first information about you. This will determine your progression to the the next stage of the exercise. Therefore, it should be meticulously prepared to be informative, precisely explain you and your relevant skills to your employer. It is important to note that employers do not spend so much time going through the resume. They only glance through it and make there judgment. Therefore it is necessary to highlight the skills relevant for the position you wish occupy.

It can be inferred from the above that one needs to have different CV for different positions of application. This will prevent unnecessary information from occupying spaces.

The features of your CV should include the following:

  1. It should have good flow and logical
  2. secondly, it should for obvious reasons include your name, email address, contact address and telephone number.
  3. Thirdly, it should contain your employment history in a chronological order preferably reverse.
  4. Your CV should include your skills; technical skills, communication skills, leadership skills etc. with relevance to the position .
  5. Lastly, should include referees and most importantly, proofread to avoid grammatical errors.

In addition, preparedness before the interview stage is necessary to keep you informed about the questions expected during interview and the best ways to answer them. In this case, a detailed research will be of immense help.

Upon arrival of the interview stage, it is important to note the following :

  1. Good dressing is a plus
  2. You are advised to avoid answering questions about salaries rather answer such questions by pointing at your interest in building a career first.
  3. When offered an opportunity to ask a question, you are advised to ask questions on the further details of the job.
  4. Follow up every interview with an email or a letter. And finally,
  5. Ask for a feedback if unsuccessful to help you improve.

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