Do you know you can actually make money even as a teen? The question there is “How can you make money as a teenager”? Check out the answers to these questions and the under-listed related searches here in this article; ONLINE JOBS FOR TEENS

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Do You fall into any of the above searched queries? Then, this publication is definitely for you. Accordingly, continue reading for more details on ONLINE JOBS FOR TEENS

Great Tips on How to make money online for as a Teen


Make money online as a teen

Most teens look for passive income to combine their studies without having any negative effect on their studies. In fact, teenagers’ parents are also in the act of looking for a job to keep their teens busy. It is interesting to let you know that there is a solution.

Online business is the trick. Teens can also work online and earn money like adults. Apparently, teens are more conversant and advanced in technology than adults, therefore making money online will not be that tasking. However, it ranges from traditional service jobs to selling products online.

See below for highlights of ONLINE JOBS FOR TEENS

  1. Fill out Surveys online
  2. Watch Ads for Money
  3. Sell Stuff Online / Create and Sell Your Designs Online
  4. Start a YouTube Channel
  5. Become a Brand Ambassador
  6. Become an English Tutor
  7. Work as a Customer Service Rep
  8. Proofread Other People’s Work
  9. Become a Freelancer
  10. Write Articles Online
  11. Become a Blogger

1. Fill out Surveys online

There are numerous website to survey online of which one is Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is a website that pays teens for sharing their opinion. Age requirement is a minimum of 16 years old. Sign up with Survey Junkie as a teen, for free and get paid. You can do this by simply completing a profile that tells all about you. There in the website, you will be asked to share your opinion ranging from your interest to your shopping habits, and more. It matches your profile with companies looking for survey people similar to yours. When you complete a survey, you can get paid through: PayPal Gift Cards like Amazon, Target, and others from most devices.

2. Watch Ads for Money

Do you know you can genuinely make money as a teen just by watching ads online, playing games online, downloading coupons, searching the web? Sign up to websites such as InboxDollars, Mypoints, watch ads and earn money.

3. Sell Stuff Online

Create an account with CafePress or Redbubble which is free and start selling your products online. You can make shirt designs, T-shirts Sweatshirts, Laptop covers, Coffee mugs, bags, Pillows’ designs and sell. Even, used books, auctions, gift cards, just anything can be sold. Amazon’s online marketplace is also open for any product, from used vinyl to used electronics to small appliances. You can buy products online and re-sale too. This one too is easy and gives money equally.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

You can be a YouTuber. Just like blogging, you also need to build audience. When you make videos and upload, as people watch the video you earn money. This is to say that YouTube pays YouTuber every time people watch their video. You can be a subject tutor, make videos on school subjects like Mathematics and upload on YouTube for people to watch. Videos that teach people how to make different things like, hairstyles, how to make and repair shoes, how to sew clothes. People even make videos of silly things with their kids or pets.

5. Become a Brand Ambassador

Being an ambassador to a brand gives money.Brands like LongRich, Boostapal always need ambassadors to bring them new customers to their site. When you create account with them which is for free, you can start inviting your friends, even your parents. They however, become your booster, that each time they shop in various stores in the Boostapal mall, you receive money from each purchase they make.


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