Must know Facts before Becoming a Nurse | Hints & Tips

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Must know Facts before Becoming a Nurse | Hints & Tips

DO you want to become a Nurse ? are looking for facts you need to know before you become a nurse? if yes, this article brings you the facts you must know before becoming a nurse.

Therefore, read this article for the Must know Facts before Becoming a Nurse.

Must know Facts before Becoming a Nurse

Must know Facts before Becoming a Nurse | Hints & Tips
1. Practice as many skills as possible

you have to do the skill over and over so that your brain knows the steps even when you don’t. Don’t just focus on IVs, either. You’ll want to work on catheters, NG tubes, drug calculations, assessment skills, and anything else they teach you in school. Practice as much as you can because it will make you a better nurse.

2. Time management is the most important skill you’ll learn

The important of time management cannot be overemphasized when it comes to becoming a nurse. You have a specific set of tasks that you need to get done before the end of the shift. The essence of time management is to help you make a schedule and follow it. Learn how to manage this time early, and you will have a much easier time transitioning.

3. You need to know how to have a good sense of humor

Nurses are not known for having the best sense of humor. As a matter of fact, they can often look odd for having fun at almost anything. With everything you have to get through each shift, you need to have a good coping mechanism. Isn’t having a good laugh a good way to de-stress?

4. Nursing school will never prepare you for deaths you will witness as a nurse.

As a nurse you will experience a lots of deaths and Each death will affects you in a different way. Therefore, you need to prepare how to cope with such occurrences

5. You will get calls, texts, pictures, and emails from all your friends and family asking you for medical advice.

This is self explanatory.. As a nurse you will expect the above from people close to you seeking medical advices.

6. Your social life might be neglected

As a nurse, you have to work on weekends and holidays and also on odd days and might not be able to enjoy or have a social life. Hence, you will have to miss many social engagement. families engagement etc.

7. Make sure Nursing is your passion

Nursing is a very thankless, underappreciated job. Therefore, you need to make sure your heart is in it. You will have the biggest love-hate relationship with your career; lives literally depend on you.

Finally, your reaction to situations will make or break your nursing career. You can choose to throw in the towel or you can handle it. Nursing will test your limits sometimes but you have the power to run it or let it run you.

8. Nurse abuse happens

Nurse against nurses is very common.  Nurses tolerate levels of abuse that would never be acceptable in any other professional setting.  You will be cussed at a few times, in just about every colorful way you could imagine, for just doing your job. Even worse, violence against nurses is prevalent (especially emergency room nurses), and it usually isn’t even routinely tracked.

7. Mistakes happen. Your first mistake is the worst, but they never get easier

You will make mistakes as a nurse. Some you will will never forget nor make them again. If the mistake you made doesn’t have immediate ramifications, you’ll constantly worry about it until you’re positive everything is OK with the patient. Medication errors are the hardest mistakes to cope with.

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