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Different Ways to Deal with recruiters | Know How to deal with Recruiters


Top Tips on How to Deal with Recruiters

Actually, when you are search for a new job dealing with recruiters may seem intimidating, challenging and lots of work. But working with a skilled recruiter can really make a difference. Nevertheless, it is a productive experience of open doors for career progression. A recruiter can help you locate your choice of company, provide input on your marketing materials and also coaches you on the dos and don’ts during interviews. You can choose to look for a recruiter yourself, or the recruiter may seek you out if they feel like you fit their job opening. Accordingly, continue reading for more details on HOW TO DEAL WITH RECRUITERS


No matter how you end up working with a recruiter, the following tips are intended to guide you on how to foster a positive relationship and get the most out of your partnership:-

1. Know what you want

It is important you define your goals. Know your dream position. This will be easier for the recruiter to identify the right job that fits you.

2. Expect a lot of Questions

Recruiters ask many questions simply because they want to help you. Be honest with your answers. Do not hide your strength and weakness. This however, helps make it easier for recruiter to get a role that fits you.

3. Ask the right Questions

Be specific with your questions. Ask how they found you. Ask how you compare to other candidates for a role. A good recruiter will be honest about that because there is no point wasting time and energy when there are rest of people in process.

4. Have a Current Resume

Be proactive and make sure your resume is current and up to date. Find out how they work and also, how they get paid. Ask for a copy of their agreement in exchange for your resume.

5. Do not be afraid of talking about money

It is advisable to discuss the salary structure. Some candidates do not want to disclose their current salary, especially those underpaid. Nevertheless, it is still very important to talk about the salary.

6. Be Courteous and Respectful

Treat recruiters just the way you would treat a hiring manager. Communicate with them politely and respectful. Respect their time and keep communications brief.


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