SCAM WARNING! Grandmother Loses £10,000 to Cold Call Debit Scam – How To Avoid Phone Fraud

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A SCAM WARNING has been issued after a grandmother lost £10,000 to a cold call debit scam over the phone.

Horrible? Yeah! Her granddaughter shared details of 25 firms, which were supposedly legitimate, that either charged her monthly or continuously annoyed her with “nuisance calls”. In two years the retiree has lost £ 10,000 to many companies that say they provide roadside assistance for washing machines, boilers and dishwashers. While using a call blocking service through her phone operator, the grandmother was inundated with cold calls, causing her to drop her money.

While wanting to remain anonymous, the consumer watchdog shared her story as part of their investigation into this cold call payment fraud case. Direct debit is considered one of the most reliable ways to pay, but Which? they discovered that scam companies were using it to persuade people to give them money. A survey of 1,300 adults found that about 25 percent of watchdogs received unexpected cold calls about home appliance insurance or extended warranties in the past year.

The call follows a pattern: callers lie to their victims saying their available coverage is running out and they must pay to continue. Finally, scammers pressure their contacts to set up monthly automatic payments with a forgettable monthly fee. This results in someone losing between £10 and £20 in their bank account each month, which can cause people to lose thousands of pounds.

Gareth Shaw, which one? Chief Money outlined how these scammers managed to convince people to leave their money. Mr Shaw said: “Our research has revealed how a network of irresponsible companies has targeted vulnerable people – in some cases demanding thousands of pounds to cover non-existent equipment.” If you or someone you know has been contacted about device covers, ask for the company name and report it to the ICO. “If you’re stuck with cold calls, ask your phone network if they offer any call barring services.

“We also want to see landline providers offer more clarity about the call blocking services they offer to their customers, and we urge providers to include their existing free coverage in their landline packages by default.

“Consumers should not have to opt in to be protected from unwanted cold calls.”

A SCAM WARNING has been issued after a grandmother lost £10,000 to a cold call debit scam over the phone.

As well as its warning, the consumer watchdog also provided advice to people on how best to avoid unwanted calls.

These include reporting the phone number to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), phone operator or Ofcom, which deals with silent and abandoned calls.

If someone has signed up for TPS, third parties are not allowed to contact them, but some companies still do. The monitoring body also reminded the public to look for checkboxes on forms asking for personal information to be made available to third parties. However, this also suggests investing in call blocking technology, which can be beneficial in avoiding annoying phone calls. However, the watchdog noted that some of these call blocking services include monthly fees, which may vary depending on the package registered by some parties.

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